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Course Description


Our thoughtfully crafted program design and faculty will provide a cohesive, progressive, and powerful encounter with the core concepts and will inspire participants to rise to the critical leadership demands of core business innovation for sustainability.

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Program Location: The program will take place on Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, MA at beautiful Loeb House.

Program Design

Course Residential: Our program design has been informed by research into how leaders like to learn. We maximize peer-to-peer interaction and thought partnership to enable reflection, insight, and discovery. Dynamic networking across sectors and the sharing of best practices are key elements of the program design. We include experiential exercises, case studies, lectures, small group work, and sharing of best practices. We keep our lectures short & diverse.


Learning Outcomes

Our program will enable participants to:

  • Evaluate what has and has not been working with efforts to take sustainability from the margins into the core of your organization
  • Learn a powerful new framework for increasing your sustainability leadership impact
  • Position sustainability as a driver for innovation, agility and effectiveness
  • Unleash human potential through purpose-driven engagement
  • Design pathways for good ideas to come from anywhere and to take root
  • Advance your ability to make the sustainability business case
  • Align finance and accounting structures to drive innovation, engagement, and change-capability
  • Leverage positive social dynamics and social learning to drive idea flow and organizational learning
  • Increase decision-making agility to allow good ideas to be scaled up quickly
  • Engage millennials by leveraging your sustainability enterprise
  • Reduce risk and instability by mastering sustainability change management
  • Deepen the engagement of other senior leaders and the entire leadership system within your organization
  • Embed an adaptive capacity for stable change across your organization
  • Engage in meaningful thought partnership on shared problems and opportunities regarding this critical leadership challenge with senior leaders from diverse sectors


Faculty, guest presenters, and topics

Our program faculty and guest presenters are carefully selected for their proven track record as engaging, relevant, and cutting-edge sustainability leadership content providers. Faculty and guest presenter content is carefully curated to provide a cohesive, progressive, and powerful encounter with the core concepts. Collectively, this rich array of world-class thought leaders and practitioners will inspire, challenge, and prepare participants to rise to the critical leadership demands to successfully integrate sustainability into the core business.

For full biographies of each speaker, please visit our Faculty and Guest Speakers page.

Recent Faculty - November 2016

Our Fall 2016 faculty line up included:

  • Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  • John Spengler, Ph.D., Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  • Meghan Fay Zahniser, Executive Director, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Rachel Gutter, Senior Vice President of Knowledge, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Ronald Heifetz, King Hussein Bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership; Founder, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Joe Hsueh, Ph.D., Founding Member, Academy for Systemic Change
  • Erin Meezan, Vice President, Sustainability, Interface
  • Cindy Ortega, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability Division, MGM Resorts International
  • Jeff Risom, Partner and Managing Director, Gehl Studio
  • Matthew Robinson, Sustainability Engagement Head, HSBC
  • Mary Spilde, Ph.D., President, Lane Community College
  • Jerry Weber, Ph.D., President, College of Lake County, Illinois
  • KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO, Sustainable Life Media, producers of Sustainable Brands
  • Natalie Voland, President, Gestion immobilière Quo Vadis Inc.

Other past topics and faculty have included:

Click on the links below to view Program Agendas from the past four offerings of the program:


General Program Schedule

The program will run from Monday, November 13 at 1:30pm - Friday, November 17 at 12:30pm.  Each full day will include breakfast and lunch as a part of the session. There will be a special dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club on the first night, and a reception on the second night. Please see below for a general outline of the schedule:


To learn more, contact us at or call (617) 384-7276.

Photo by Kai Keane