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Related Courses


See below for a list of courses related to our Climate, Energy and Health program. Many classes are also available online! We invite you to browse the titles below and click through to Harvard University's course catalog for more information. 

Environmental Management (ENVR E-101)

This course surveys the scientific principles of environmental issues and environmental management practices, with attention to the health of humans and the ecosystem. We examine fundamental and emerging topics related to air and water pollution, water use and management, aquatic ecosystems, energy and climate change, biodiversity, toxic substances in the environment, solid waste management, and regulatory strategies for risk assessment and environmental management.  Learn More >>

John D. Spengler PhD, Director, Center for Health and the Global Environment;
Joseph Allen PhD, Director, Healthy Buildings Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment
George D. Buckley MS, Assistant Director of the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program, Harvard Extension School

Energy and the Environment (ENVR E-102)

This course examines the relationship between energy and the environment in our global society. It analyzes the driving forces that influence the production and consumption of energy to evaluate their impacts on environmental quality, human health, and social equity. We explore the pros and cons of conventional and renewable energy systems, issues surrounding new transportation technologies, energy intensity of food production, effects of supply chain management and international commerce in energy security, energy management in buildings, and the mechanisms needed to evolve into sustainable energy operations in the green economy for the twenty-first century. Learn More >>

Petros Koutrakis PhD, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health;
Ramon Sanchez ScDDirector, Corporate Strategy and Outreach, Center for Health and the Global Environment
Zachary D. Zevitas BS, Environment Editor, Science Network

Human Health and the Global Environmental Change

(Harvard Extension School ENVR E-165, Harvard Medical School HO703, Harvard Chan School EH278-01

Human activity has changed the atmosphere and altered terrestrial and marine ecosystems on a global scale for the first time in history. Evidence is mounting that these changes may already be having serious effects on human health, and there is growing concern that in coming decades the effects could be catastrophic. This course will examine in detail climate change and biodiversity loss as two primary examples of global environmental change and their human health dimensions. The challenges of addressing global environmental problems from a public policy and communications standpoint will also be explored.  Learn More >>

Aaron Bernstein, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Director, Center for Health and the Global Environment
Jonathan Buonocore, Sc.D., Program Leader, Climate, Energy, and Health, Center for Health and the Global Environment

Climate Solutions Living Lab

The course will focus on solutions that could potentially help low-income, under-served populations improve their living conditions with power generated by renewable sources of fuel as well as identifying innovative legal and financing pathways for such projects. Together, we will identify potential projects, analyze their feasibility from multiple perspectives (economic, technological, legal, health, etc), and select several projects for further scrutiny and development of implementation pathways.


Wendy Jacobs, Professor, Harvard Law School
Jonathan Buonocore, Sc.D., Program Leader, Climate, Energy, and Health, Center for Health and the Global Environment


Photo courtesy of Paul Goyette | Flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0