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What We Do

Drying tomatos


We help consumers, corporations, food service providers, physicians, and nongovernmental organizations make informed decisions about the food we produce, buy, and eat so that all are empowered to care for our health and the health of our planet.

To this end, we are striving to:

  • Increase economic activity in agriculture and aquaculture that supports healthy communities. We are currently working in the New England area to find solutions, models, and recommendations that we will distribute globally.
  • Work with universities, hospitals, and corporations to implement models for sustainable food procurement.  We help institutions create sustainable procurement policies that are cost-neutral and fit within the culture and sustainability goals of each unique organization.
  • Use rigorous measurement and analysis to illustrate how sustainable food production and procurement leads to NetPositive impacts. In partnership with our Corporate Health and Sustainability program, we are using handprints to measure how sustainable food production and procurement creates a healthier workforce, cleaner environment, and stronger bottom line.
  • Demonstrate that diverse stakeholders share the same purpose and goals. Those from conservation, economics, and health all have an interest in creating healthy, thriving communities. We bring these groups together to facilitate a shared understanding of what we are all trying to achieve, so that we may support each other in being successful.
  • Inspire scholars from Harvard and other universities to incorporate a systems view of our food system into their career tracks so that they may influence the direction of their chosen fields. 

Photo by afy85 | iStockphoto