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What We Do

Garden by the bay


All of our work in Nature, Health, and the Built Environment is geared towards informing those who influence how we design our buildings and cities. We provide evidence-based research and recommendations that help policymakers, public health officials, architects, urban planners, and landscape designers make decisions that support our health and the health of our planet.

To this end, we:

  • Conduct pioneering research that contributes to the evidence base for creating sustainable buildings, cities, and urban parks. In addition to being sustainable, these places also promote health and nurture our crucial connection to the environment.

  • Explore research topics that uncover how to design sustainable cities, buildings, and urban parks that improve the lives of occupants, as well as what qualities become drivers for comfort, productivity, health, and happiness.

  • Draw from our own work and synthesize the work of others to educate key stakeholders about how their decisions impact human health.

  • Provide evidence-based recommendations for how policymakers and practitioners can improve our health and increase our willingness to care for the environment.

  • Network, convene, and collaborate with thought leaders across disciplines to discover, document, and promote best practices in building, urban, and landscape design. Working together, we are forging a new research agenda that will lead to healthier buildings, cities, and urban parks.

  • Inspire scholars of all ages and levels to incorporate into their career tracks design principles that promote sustainability, health, and our connection to the environment, so that they may influence the direction of their chosen fields. 


Photo by joyt | iStockphoto