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Deborah Fikes

Deborah Fikes Deborah Fikes  
Representative to the United Nations and Executive Advisor
World Evangelical Alliance
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What does working with the Center mean to you?

Working with the Center has been invaluable to me, both personally and professionally. The commitment of the Center’s faculty and staff to improving the general health and welfare of the global community is truly inspiring and a privilege to observe and support.


Deborah Fikes currently serves as the Permanent Representative to the United Nations / Executive Advisor for the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents a constituency of 650 million people from 129 nations. She is a board member of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) and was named by Concerned Women of America as an Evangelical Woman of the Year in 2005. As the former spokesperson and advisor for Human Rights Advocacy of the Ministerial Alliance of Midland, Texas, she led Protestant, Catholic, and Evangelical parishes in the hometown of President George W. Bush to network with their national and international counterparts to promote human rights advocacy efforts. The Midland Ministerial Alliance is well known for their advocacy efforts internationally and participation in interfaith dialogue / peace negotiations in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between North and South Sudan.

Deborah currently serves as an advisor to Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea and is a board member of The International Center for Religion and Diplomacy. She also serves as an Ambassador for Oxfam Sisters of the Planet and Ambassador for The Climate Group.

Deborah completed an undergraduate degree from Texas A &M University and a Master’s degree from the University of Texas. She has a graduate degree from Oxford University in International Law with a specialization in Human Rights and completed a U.S. Juris Doctorate. She is married to J. Stanley Fikes, Jr. and they have two daughters. Deborah also travels internationally to encourage dialogue and partnerships that promote human rights and peace initiatives through positive outreach effort.