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DTGO Corporation Limited

DTGO Corporation Limited  
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DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO) has embraced the concept of 'Business for Social' since its establishment in 1993. Through the pursuit of becoming an influential partner for integrated real estate business with a span of services from architectural design and construction management to trading and property development in Thailand and China, DTGO has largely contributed to the sustainable development of people and ecosystem in a number of ways.

Firstly, our desire to adding value in everything we do is realized from our products and services that are not only tailored to the highest esteem of our customers but also to the greater benefits of other stakeholders and the society. Our leading brands like Magnolias and Whizdom encompass various aspects of well-being and quality living based on practical and innovative solutions from relevant research findings both in-house and by reputable partners.

Secondly, through its two major philanthropic arms, Buddharaksa Foundation in Thailand and DT Families Foundation in Hong Kong, and its partners, DTGO has worked persistently on creating positive life-changing opportunities for thousands of underprivileged children and fostering a variety of innovative solutions for world's sustainable development.

Lastly, DTGO's core values have contributed greatly to instilling volunteering spirits among management and staffs. Together with customers, suppliers, and partners, our people are dedicated to sharing their effort and time for good social causes on an on-going basis.  

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