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Jonathan I. Levy

Jonathan I. Levy Jonathan I. Levy  SC.D.
Professor, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard Chan School
Associate Chair, Department of Environmental Health, BostonUniversity School of Public Health
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What does working with the Center mean to you?

The Center has always conducted exciting policy-relevant research on a variety of topics important for global health, with an important emphasis on communicating science to decision-makers and the general population. I am excited to contribute to the scientific and advocacy mission of the Center, working with the diverse expertise of the faculty and staff to help improve population health, especially related to the important realms of energy and housing.


Dr. Jonathan I. Levy is a professor of Environmental Health at the Harvard Chan School and is the Associate Chair in the Department of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Dr. Levy’s research focuses on air pollution exposure assessment and health risk assessment, with an emphasis on urban environments and issues of heterogeneity and equity. Major research topics include evaluating spatial patterns of air pollution in complex urban terrain; developing methods to quantify the magnitude and distribution of health benefits associated with emission controls for motor vehicles, power plants, and aircraft; using systems science approaches to evaluate the influence of indoor environmental exposures on pediatric asthma in low-income housing, and developing methods for community-based cumulative risk assessment that includes chemical and non-chemical stressors.

Dr. Levy has served on multiple national advisory committees, including the National Research Council (NRC) Committee on Improving Risk Analysis Methods used by the U.S. EPA, the NRC Committee on Science for EPA’s Future, and the Advisory Council on Clear Air Compliance Analysis.

He holds a Sc.D. from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in environmental science and risk management, with a B.A. in applied mathematics from Harvard College.