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Oliver Mendoza-Cano

Oliver Mendoza-Cano  D.Med.Sc
Visiting Scientist, Sustainable Technologies and Health
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Oliver Mendoza-Cano holds a Doctorate of Science in Medical Sciences from the University of Colima (Mexico). Prior to obtaining his Doctorate, he received a Masters of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Colima´s Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, also from the University of Colima. 

Oliver works with both our Innovation Ecosystem Sustainability team and our Healthy and Sustainable Food Production team. His research interests include sustainable innovation processes for development, as well as climate change, agriculture, and food security. To assist in these areas, Oliver develops tools that incorporate environmental risk assessment, life cycle assessment, and environmental economics. He incorporates these tools into his study of changes in consumption habits in the Mexican population, and Life Cycling Assessment (LCA) of food in Mexico before and after the NAFTA free trade agreement, with the goal of placing sustainability, human health, climate, environmental health, and other outcomes into a framework to aid decision-making. 

He is also a part of the Sustainable Technologies and Health Initiative at the Center for Health and the Global Environment and In-Trust Global Investments LLC. By way of this initiative, professors and researchers all across Mexico are being trained to coordinate energy projects in rural areas in Mexico and Latin America.