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Ramon Sanchez

Ramon Sanchez  Ph.D.
Director, Sustainable Technologies and Health
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What does working with the Center mean to you?

"My job at the Center is to train current and future generations on how to eliminate the dilemma of 'profits or planet.' We can have them both at the same time by using creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The measure of our success is when energy generation, building operations, transportation, and manufacturing occur in a more profitable way while reducing our environmental footprints. My aspiration is to provide technical and scientific certainty to substantiate our positive belief that, ‘Yes, we can make a better world, and we will keep it great and clean for centuries to come.’”


Ramon Sanchez works with our Sustainability Technologies and Health Program to lead the content areas within the program related to intellectual property, technology innovation, clean technologies and assessment of human and environmental health effects.

Ramon is a certified professional in sustainability, renewable energies, green buildings, sustainable manufacturing techniques, and technology innovation. 

Ramon received a Doctor of Science Degree in Environmental Health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH); and previously received a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Health Management from HSPH; a Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems and Technology Innovation from Monterrey’s Institute of Technology in Mexico; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, also from that school.

Before coming to Harvard, Ramon was Chief Engineer and Manufacturing Manager in a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of furniture and consumer electronics. In this corporation he had seven departments under his supervision, in which hundreds of workers and engineers created and built products that yielded approximately $200 million dollars per year in revenues. 

Ramon has 15 records of invention and 5 patents in the U.S. and Europe. From 2000 to 2003, Ramon worked as a Forward Products Lead Engineer at Delphi Automotive Systems (a former division of General Motors, dedicated to the design and manufacturing of electronic components and automotive systems). As an automotive designer, he was part of the research group that won the National Technology Award in Mexico in 2002.  In that same year, Ramon won the “Best Teacher Award” at Monterrey’s Institute of Technology, for developing the first Lean Manufacturing and Innovation Engineering courses in Mexico. 

Ramon’s main research interests are corporate sustainability, sustainable manufacturing, sustainable product design, the technology innovation process, carbon accounting, life-cycle assessment for industrial operations, carbon capture from thermoelectric power plants, health and environmental effects of renewable energies, and the development of renewable fuels with micro-algae species. 

Ramon is the lead instructor in the Energy and the Environment, Sustainable Product Design and the Innovation Ecosystem, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Sustainable Business and Technology courses offered for graduate students in the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program at the Harvard University Extension School.  

ENVR E-102 Energy and the Environment

ENVR E-137 Sustainable Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Operations

ENVR E-154 Sustainable Product Design and the Innovation Ecosystem

ENVR E-157 Sustainable Business and Technology


Photo by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Public Affairs and Communications Office