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Program Faculty and Staff

Program faculty and staff direct and support the Center's critical programmatic areas.

Director, Healthy Buildings Program
Postdoctoral Fellow, Healthy Buildings
Gary Adamkiewicz
Program Leader, Healthy Cities
Program Leader, Climate, Energy, and Health
Visiting Scientist, Chemicals and Health
Memo Cedeño Laurent
Program Leader, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Mitigation Technologies
Program Leader, Social Entrepreneurship
Research Associate, Hoffman Program on Chemicals and Health
Director, International Sustainable Tourism Initiative
Research Coordinator, Healthy Buildings
Special Advisor on Government Affairs
Project Manager, Healthy Buildings
Co-Director, Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE)
Visiting Scientist, Sustainable Technologies and Health
Postdoctoral Fellow, Climate, Energy, and Health
Gregory Norris
Co-Director, Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE)
Program Leader, Sustainable Business and Technology
Program Coordinator, China/Asia Pacific Nature, Health, and the Built Environment
Director, Sustainable Technologies and Health
Director, Sustainable Seafood and Health Initiative
Director, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership
Project Associate, Health and Places Initiative
Research Scientist, Nature, Health and the Built Environment