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Healthy City - Urban Habitat

Healthy City - Urban Habitat
Date & Time:Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Location:Philadelphia, PA


Join Julia Africa, our Program Leader for Nature and Health, as she joins BioPhilly to explore the important link between human health and the meaningful daily experience of wild and bio-diverse nature in urban Philadelphia.

“Healthy City - Urban Habitat” promises to be lively, engaging and informative. A cocktail networking session will be followed by short presentations and a panel discussion. The speakers include:

  • Tim Beatley (Biophilic Cities, Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities  & Chair Department of Urban and Environmental Planning at U Va)

  • Julia Africa (Harvard School of Public Health)

  • Michelle Kondo (US Dept. of Agriculture Urban Forestry)

  • Jonce Walker (Terrapin Bright Green)

  • Craig Johnson (Interpret Green)

  • Bill Brown (The Urban Wildlife Podcast)

For additional information and to register online, visit: