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Sea greens: A sustainable, nutritional solution to a global problem

Sea greens: A sustainable, nutritional solution to a global problem
Date & Time:Monday, March 20, 2017
Location:Boston, MA

Join Chef, Author, and Director of our Sustainable Seafood and Health Initiative Barton Seaver at the Seafood Expo North America for this sponsored panel from 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm. 

Imagine an aquacultured product that could solve today’s biggest food supply challenges. It would be rich in essential nutrients. It would grow quickly and require minimal natural resources. It wouldn’t harm the environment and would instead have a therapeutic impact on it. While this product seems improbable, scientists, chefs, and industry leaders are discovering that sea greens, like kelp, offer all these amazing attributes.

Sea greens provide a healthy, sustainable seafood option for conscientious consumers and innovative industry members. This session explores the exciting possibilities of introducing cultured sea greens to shellfish farms or wild-harvest areas. The latest scientific research shows that sea greens have a “halo effect” on their surrounding water, enhancing its quality by removing carbon dioxide. This “halo” can increase shellfish growth rates and may even be strong enough to protect against increasing ocean acidification.

Sea green aquaculture is a $US6.4 billion industry worldwide, and kelp farming is already gaining traction in the US local food movement. The nutritional attributes of sea greens coupled with their restorative environmental effects, create a unique economic opportunity. We will discuss how members of the shellfish industry can reap the benefits of product diversification while improving growing conditions for existing products.