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Sustainability For Health Leadership Series: John Mandyck

Sustainability For Health Leadership Series: John Mandyck
Date & Time:Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Location:HSPH: FXB G-13 - 12:30-1:20PM


John Mandyck: Sustainable Urbanization: the Future of Aviation, Buildings and Food

This speaker series is celebrating our 20th anniversary year and will introduce you to pressing issues students will explore in the Sustainability, Health, and the Global Environment program at the Harvard T.H. School of Public Health, which we are accepting applicants in Fall 2016. Attendees will have opportunities to connect with thought leaders in global businesses and governments who are focused on the intersection of people, their health, and their surroundings.
Join us to hear from global health leaders, and talk with faculty members actively working to solve some of the greatest public health challenges facing us today.