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Scientists and Evangelicals Initiative

E.O. Wilson Writes a Letter

“Dear Pastor: We have not met, yet I feel I know you well enough to call you friend. First of all, we grew up in the same faith. As a boy I too answered the altar call; I went under the water. Although I no longer belong to that faith, I am confident that if we met and spoke privately of our deepest beliefs, it would be in a spirit of mutual respect and good will…I write to you now for your counsel and help…you have the power to help solve a great problem about which I care deeply. I hope you have the same concern. I suggest that we set aside our differences in order the save the Creation.”

The Scientists and Evangelicals Initiative brought together leading environmental scientists and evangelical Christians to explore humanity's degradation of the global environment, and to help lessen its impacts. Ultimately, we believe that such collaboration will capture the imagination of people worldwide who will recognize the urgency of our concerns about the environment and be moved by our willingness to put aside whatever differences we may have to work together to protect it.

The idea of leading environmental scientists and evangelical Christians meeting and working together is initially often met with surprise and some anxiety as there are clear areas of disagreement between the two groups. However, both groups have come to understand that the devastating effects of climate change and biodiversity loss disproportionately affect people who are poor and lack the financial resources to adapt to a changing climate. This is at the heart of our groups' shared sense of moral purpose.