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Documentary: "Paradigm Shift"


Paradigm Shift is a documentary telling the story (in Spanish) of Mexican Professors who, with training from the Center for Health and the Global Environment, are developing clean energy projects of high social and financial impact in alliance with rural communities, investors, and government.

The documentary was produced by InTrust Global Investments, a collaborator in our Program for Applied Leadership in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

The program provided training on renewable energies, energy efficiency, and leadership for sustainability for close to 300 public university professors and researchers working in indigenous communities in Mexico, with the intention of positioning Mexico’s higher education sector as an engine for social innovation and green economic growth. This training program was supported by the Mexican Secretariat of Energy and aimed to reduce the country’s carbon footprint in the energy sector to help reach Mexico’s goal of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent, as compared to business-as-usual scenarios, by 2020. 

The documentary travels to Mexico and also to our offices in Boston, where you can see footage of our labs and hear interviews with Leith Sharp, Director of our Executive Education in Sustainability Leadership program and John D. Spengler, our Director.

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InTrust Global Investments

December 16, 2015