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Expert Q&A with Megan Epler Wood, Ecotourism Pioneer


Megan Epler Wood, Program Director of our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative, spoke with members of Rachel’s Network about her work in light of their recent conference in Costa Rica. In this interview, Rachel's Network asks Megan:

  • What is the biggest challenge in the ecotourism sector?

  • If you could remove one obstacle that prevents us from implementing solutions to this challenge, what would it be?

  • How has your focus changed since you started your work as director of the International Sustainable Tourism Initiative?

  • What are you most proud of in your work?

  • What woman environmentalist inspires you? Why?

About Rachel's Network
Rachel’s Network is a community of women at the intersection of environmental advocacy, philanthropy, and women’s leadership. With a mission to promote women as agents of change dedicated to the stewardship of the earth, the network meets with cutting-edge thinkers, builds productive alliances, and connects with savvy, like-minded women to strengthen leadership and effectiveness.

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April 8, 2015