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The Future of Sustainability in Aquaculture

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More than 430 seafood professionals attended the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s GOAL 2015 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in October 2015. 

Barton Seaver, Program Director for our Sustainable Seafood and Health Initiative and "recovering chef," delivered an inspiring keynote address that explores the trajectory of where the sustainablity conversation is heading for the aquaculture industry. 


"The guiding hand of natural selection in our world is quite firmly holding a fork. The way we eat describes how this world is used. And I came to realize that's some of the best news I've ever heard. If we can destroy ecosystems, if we can damage our bodies, make ourselves and communities sick by the choices we make for dinner—fabulous, folks. That means that we can heal and we can restore by those very same decisions." --Barton Seaver, October 26, 2015



Goal 2015 Conference

November 23, 2015