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Handprints of Product Innovation


The production of every product creates “footprints,” unintended negative consequences for the environment and human health. However, product-related innovation can also bring “handprints,” beneficial changes to “business as usual,” measured in the same units as—and directly comparable with—footprints.

Any entity that shrinks its footprints while also growing its handprints can eventually become NetPositive. As a company that seeks both to reduce its footprint and to grow its handprints, Dassault Systèmes is researching its potential to create environmental and human-health handprints by leveraging 3D technology.

In Handprints of Product Innovation: A Case Study of Computer-aided Design in the Automotive Sector, we investigate to what extent recent application of 3D technology within the automotive industry has created handprints in relation to climate and other impacts. 

Photo by Pixabay user niekverlaan.

November 30, 2015