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Q&A Megan Epler Wood, Gran Maestra of Sustainable Tourism


Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism, a web portal dedicated to telling the stories of sustainable tourism leaders around the world, interviewed Megan Epler Wood, the Director of our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative (ISTI). 

The interview covers a range of topics, from when Megan discovered her passion for sustainable tourism, to her decision to found the International Ecotourism Society (now in its 25th year), to her vision for ISTI here at the Center. 

Other topics include:

  • What is the best way to measure sustainability in travel and tourism?

  • Your main insights as consultant at Epler Wood International, and as teacher at Harvard’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Program?

  • Judging by your extensive experience, which are the main challenges public and private organizations tackle on the sustainable tourism front?

  • Sustainable tourism being such a diverse field, which area do you think is the most crucial to focus on right now?

  • In which region(s) of the world do you see most interest and momentum for sustainability in tourism?

  • What role does entrepreneurship play regarding a tourism business or destination’s abilities to successfully implement sustainability?

  • We are seeing a lot of movement and mergers within sustainable and ecotourism—do you think this is a sign for sustainability moving mainstream?

  • Which part of 1) the tourism value chain and 2) operational unit in a hotel is the most challenging in terms of sustainability?

  • Your career advice to professional and academic newcomers to sustainable tourism?

March 26, 2015