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Save Our Seafood: What's good for us and the oceans (Nutrition Action Healthletter)


Seafood is good for our health. But the world’s growing appetite for fish isn’t so good for the creatures that inhabit our oceans.

Roughly 30 percent of the world’s fish stocks are “overexploited”—in danger of collapse— according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. Another 57 percent are fully exploited, which means they are at or close to their sustainable limits. And what's more, we are turning 20 percent of all the fish that we catch into fishmeal to feed farmed species, such as pigs, chickens, and salmon, and we are throwing away 30-40 percent of all that is captured as unwanted by-catch. Then there’s the threat from climate change and pollution.

What choices can we make to form a better relationship with our oceans? 

Barton Seaver, our Director of Healthy and Sustainable Food, talks with The Nutrition Action Healthletter about how to find fish that protect your health and the oceans.

Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter and

July 23, 2013